About Us

So why not try your luck by putting the money onto something you are passionate about?

And, if you love soccer, it is a great means to bet and increase your earnings!

Ever since betting in soccer was legalized, it has become one of the most popular betting avenues. And, technology sure has played its part in making it a global phenomenon!

The internet has paved the way for offering betting tips to bettors to minimize their risk in betting. Today, there are numerous online soccer betting platforms promising tips to punters to take calculated risks.

Football Tipsters made its presence on the World Wide Web in 2010 to offer bettors the best soccer tips of the day!

In 2010, Football Tipsters started as a site offering free tips. We started as a small forum of experts in soccer along with bookmakers free soccer tipster site.

However, in a short span of time our services became very popular with a large number of punters relying on our services. Soon we were rated as the leading soccer tipsters globally.

Our Vision

To become the most trustworthy soccer tipster site globally, catering to the needs and demands of soccer-loving punters.


To use the latest technology, methods along with the in-depth of knowledge of experts to provide our punters the best soccer betting tips.

  • To cater to the needs of a large number of punters by providing them accurate tips at the right time
  • To offer a platform to tipsters to share their tips with a large number of punters
  • We endeavor to retain our position as top tipster soccer by providing punters reliable data, based on the statistical data and expert knowledge of our tipsters.
Our Values

To offer reliable services with ethical practices to punters. We strict about false tips that will misguide our punters.

What makes us the top soccer tipster platform?

If you look at the internet, there are numerous sites offering tipster predictions. However, a tipping site cannot be randomly selected because there is a lot at stake. Many of the tipping sites provide tips that lead to heavy losses!

Also, the unfortunate fact is that the internet is flooded with scammers and punters have no way of identifying the genuine source of information.

This is where we come in! We not only provide quality tips but filter them all, making us a reliable platform that is free from scams.

Football Tipsters is a site that provides you genuine tips by our team of experts who analyze the game based on the past encounters between the teams, the form of the players, playing conditions, etc.

When you take the services of Football Tipsters, you can be sure that you will be provided only authentic information!

Why Choose Us?
Genuine services
  • Our services can be verified using our system that uses our data and records.
  • We provide legitimate data and our services are completely transparent and straightforward.
  • We also offer soccer tipster paid services to punters. Besides we are also soccer tipsters’ premium portal that offer premium tips for the day!
Connect with experts you can trust

We have a team of professional tipsters who can be trusted with legitimate tips that minimize your risks.

Over 100 tips a day

We provide more than 100 tips a day covering numerous matches. You can select a match and use our tips for betting.

Proven Track Record

You can verify our complete statistics on our site.

Option of paid and unpaid tips

Choose from soccer tipster paid or soccer tipster free options according to your need.

How to become a tipster with us?

Yes! You can easily join our team of tipsters and become a professional tipster easily!

All that you need to do is record your results in our user-friendly tipster panel. This will give the punters an idea about your potential and new customers will become aware of your services.

Since our UI is easy to understand, customers can easily understand your services and take a well-informed decision.

Make use of Football Tipsters to help you win easy by betting in Soccer!

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