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2020 Best Soccer Leagues to Bet On

2020 Best Soccer Leagues to Bet On

2020 Best Soccer Leagues to Bet On

Every novice gambler might wonder, what is the best football league to bet on? Some leagues are more attractive to punters than others. This depends on the value that bettor can find in the bookies' odds and on specific characteristics of some leagues.

Commonly, punters put their eyes on the world's most famous leagues. These are leagues with great teams and outstanding players that we always see on TV. But are those the best leagues to bet on?

From a punter point of view, we should always look for value bets. A concept much mentioned in the sports betting world, but that many do not use.

Look for soccer Leagues with value bets.

The pursuit of value means that you should seek to be ahead of sportsbooks. Both in quotas and access to information related to equipment. It is challenging to have this advantage in the European leagues since the bookies get a lot of information about them. Consequently, they can adjust odds quickly.

In that sense, many leagues in America and lesser-known leagues in Europe tend to hold excellent opportunities for gamblers. This is because access to information in these leagues is harder.

Frequently, bookmakers place high odds in these leagues. If you compare the first division of Spain odds with those of some South-American leagues, you will find significant differences.

Besides, bookies often do not consider factors such as the effect of the high altitude at which football is played in some South-American cities. Many great favorites fail when playing at these altitudes. These types of factors can mean great opportunities for bettors.

Another reason why you should bet on less famous leagues is that you can find excellent opportunities in specific betting markets. Below, we will mention some of these leagues and markets with the stats they register in their 2019-2020 editions:

Austrian Bundesliga: With a goal per game average of 3.45 and 3 or more goals in 67% of the matches, this league is attractive for betting on total goals.

League 2 of France: this is another very even league. The home teams triumph 38% of the time and the visitors 32%. This is an excellent option to bet on the 2X double chance looking for better odds.

Dutch Eredivisie: The Dutch first division football has always been very goal producing. In the 2020 season, 60% of the matches have exceeded the 2.5 goal mark.

Irish Premier Division: 3 or more goals have been scored in this league in only 32% of the matches.

Argentine Superliga: in the Argentine first division, the matches with many goals are usually few. In only 32% of its matches, there have been three or more goals scored.

MLS - United States: In their 2020 edition, local teams have won or drawn in 77% of the matches.

Ecuador First Division: This is another league that looks great to bet on BTS. In 71% of the matches, both teams have scored.

These are just a few examples of good betting options to find better odds and value bets. Just do a little research on the web, and you will find valuable information. Don't forget that the more difficult the information is for bookmakers, the better for the bettors.

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