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What is the Trixie Betting System?

What is the Trixie Betting System?

What is the Trixie Betting System?

Knowing all the types of bets you have at your disposal is necessary to be a winner in the long term. In this sense, experienced bettors combine simple bets to achieve the best results.

One of the most widely used combination bets is the Trixie bet. This is a combined bet based on three single forecasts from which you will form four bets. Three of these bets are doubles, and the other is a triple bet. The amount of money bet on a Trixie is divided equally between the four bets. Likewise, the money we would win depends on the number of hits we get.

How a Trixie Bet works

Let's see how a Trixie bet works through an example.

We have that the victory of Real Madrid in a match is paid at 1.5. Barcelona's victory in another game has 2.00 odds, and the odds for the Manchester United victory in a third encounter is 2.5. In this case, a Trixie system would have these bets:

Real Madrid (1.5) + Barcelona (2) = 3

Real Madrid (1.5) + Man.Utd (2.5) = 3.75

Barcelona (2) + Man.Utd (2.5) = 5

Real Madrid (1.5) + Barcelona (2) + Man.Utd (2.5) = 7.5

Each bet in the system always carries the same amount of money bet. In the case of the example and betting $ 10 on each combination, you would get a $ 152.5 profit if you hit the three results. If Real Madrid loses, the benefits would be only $ 10. If Barcelona fails, there would be a loss of $ 2.5, and if it were Man. Utd that loss, there would be a loss of $ 10. Logically, if two or all three of the bets fail, the losses would be equal to the total bet, $ 40.

Advantages and disadvantages of Trixie betting

Keep in mind that the stake used in this type of bet is usually much lower than in simple bets. This is because the winning chances are lower than for a single selection. As with any combination bet, the more selections you include, the more difficult it is for the bet to win.

  • Advantages of the Trixie bets

The biggest advantage of the Trixie system is that we exponentially increase the winnings of our bet, but not the amount we bet. Another great advantage is that we can afford to miss one of the forecasts and still profit. That will depend on the odds of our selections. In this sense, odds close to or above 2.00 are usually used. In this way, if one of the three bets fails, you can still make slight gains.

  • Disadvantages of a Trixie bet

There is a risk that the bet may be a loser in all combined bets, even if some predictions are correct. In the case of the Trixie bet, if we hit one of the picks that make up the Trixie and we miss the other two, the bet will be a loser.

If the odds are low, if we bet on favorites, we will have to hit all three forecasts to achieve profits. If we match two of the three selections, the money we would recover will not cover the bet made.

You already know what Trixie bets are, how they work, and how to make profits by following this strategy. Now, go to your bookie's website, select the events you think will win. Then, decide how much money you want to bet. By using Trixie combined bets, you will live your favorite sport with an extra thrill.

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