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Tips To Develop Your Own Betting Strategy

Tips To Develop Your Own Betting Strategy

Tips To Develop Your Own Betting Strategy

Bettors who see betting as an investment and not as a game will use their strategies to win. But, why do we need betting strategies, and what can we expect from them?

What is a betting strategy?

It is a set of rules that will tell you which bet to place, when to do it, how much to bet, when to exit, etc. The bettor aims to get an advantage over the sportsbook.

You can beat the bookies in games with a margin of error, such as sports. Although there are advanced models for calculating a sporting event probability, none are accurate enough.

Therefore, you can develop your strategies with different purposes and objectives:

  • That they help you achieve the highest possible profitability
  • That allows minimizing risks
  • That you obtain small profits in the short term
  • Specializing in a market

You can think of each of these strategies as if they were your weapon to fight the bookmaker. Besides, think about the one that best suits you as an investor. Bettors can develop different types of betting methods according to their purpose.

Types of betting strategies

Value betting selection strategies:

These strategies seek high returns in the long term. These types of strategies look for selecting bets whose price is paid above its real value. You must include strategies in your betting method if you want to be successful in the long term.

Live trading strategies:

They produce a lower benefit in the short term with a lower risk. Likewise, they imply much more dedication of time and effort.

Usually, online bookmakers run trading bets. You must select a party and be attentive to its evolution to know when to execute the trading order. In this way, you will close the bet with a result, either positive or negative.

Bankroll/stake management strategies:

The objective of these strategies is to maintain a balanced bankroll achieving the highest possible profitability. So, this minimizes the risk of bankruptcy. We show you some of them:

1. Flat Stake Strategy: It consists of risking the same percentage of your bankroll in each bet. Usually, bettors use 1% or 2% of their initial bankroll. After a cycle you define, you recalculate the stake based on the bank at that moment. Then, you bet the new stake during another cycle.

The advantage of this betting method is its simplicity since you do not complicate your life by calculating each stake.

2. Variable stake strategy: In this case, you will invest a higher stake for bets at lower odds than that invested at higher odds. The reason is that these odds are hit more frequently. On the contrary, you will invest a lower stake for higher odds, which are hit less frequently. In this way, we try to get a bank as stable as possible.

Remember that sports betting strategies and techniques do not always make you win money. They only help you reduce the variation, earn more often, and better manage your account balance. The development of a set of strategies depends on the betting style of each one in particular.

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