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Type Of Handicap Market In Football Betting

Type Of Handicap Market In Football Betting

Type Of Handicap Market In Football Betting

The handicap market is one of the most sought-after in the soccer betting world. Likewise, the handicap is one of the most sought after concepts by novice gamblers. Some might take a while to master it. Thus, it is advisable to consult and read about it before betting on these types of markets.

In this sense, we will now discuss what it is and what types of handicaps exist in football betting.

What is the handicap market in football betting?

The term handicap refers to a difference or margin. That's what the handicap market is about. It assigns an advantage or disadvantage to every team involved in a match.

Bookies represent handicap value with numbers next to the teams' names that will play each other. These numbers are the advantage or disadvantages we will apply to our bet.

There are 2 types of handicap bets: the European and Asian handicap. Now, let's see how you can use them.

How to bet on European handicap in football

Suppose you want to bet on a Manchester United - Stoke City match. The bookie would show you something like this:

Manchester United (-1) vs Stoke (+2)

If we bet in favor of Manchester (-1), the match would start virtually with a score of 0-1 in favor of Stoke. In this case, Manchester would have to win by 2 goals or more of difference for us to win with our bet.

Likewise, betting on Stoke with a +2 handicap equal to say the match would start in favor of Stoke 0-2. In this case, our bet will win if Manchester fails to beat Stoke by 3 goals or more.

Odds will vary depending on the handicap we want to bet on.

How to bet on Asian handicap in football

The Asian handicap can be a whole goal, a half goal, and a mixed goal.

In the whole goal, the same principle applies as in the European handicap. It only has one variant: draws are not considered. This means that if the game ends tied, the bookie will return the money bet.

Let's continue with the previous example. If we bet on Manchester with Asian handicap -1, and the game ends 1-0, for our bet the game will have ended 1-1. So, the sportsbook will refund the amount wagered.

The Asian handicap offers slightly less attractive odds. In this case, bettors sacrifice benefits in favor of security.

The Asian half-goal handicap also uses decimals. For example, we can bet that Tottenham will win a match with a -1.5 handicap. This eliminates the draw possibility forcing Tottenham to win by at least 2 goals difference. To do it for only 1 goal advantage would not cover the handicap and our bet would be a loser.

In the mixed Asian handicap, the money bet is divided into two parts. For example, we bet on Chelsea defeating Everton with a handicap of -0.5 & -1. We'll bet $ 5. So, $ 2.50 will be bet on the -0.5 handicap, and the other $ 2.50 will be bet on the handicap -1. These bets will be settled independently.


It is important to identify suitable matches for this market. Generally, it is convenient to use it in matches in which a team is clearly superior to its rival. Handicaps will compensate for this inequality and make odds competitive for bettors.

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