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Under and Over 2.5 Goals Betting Strategy

Under and Over 2.5 Goals Betting Strategy

Betting on football is slowly becoming a more mainstream activity all over the world. Punters are actively looking for betting opportunities that are more lucrative than the traditional ‘win-draw-lose’ or the 1x2 market as it is commonly referred to.

Many bettors are choosing to switch over to the over/under market, as one would usually be able to find better prices and higher odds. This market is easy to understand and is also very entertaining, which makes it the perfect market for someone looking to make some money. Read on for some strategies to help you do just that.

Over and Under 2.5 Goals Betting Strategy

If you’re growing tired of traditional betting markets, and you’re looking for something to spice up your betting life, the Under Over Total Goals market might be the right one for you. It is entertaining, easy, and profitable – pretty much the perfect combination, everything that a punter should look for.

What is over/under goals?

To win an over/under bet, you have to guess whether the overall number of goals scored by both teams at the end of the match would be over-and-under a particular total that is set by the bookmaker. We’re going to be looking into the 2.5 goal market. Essentially, a total of 2 goals or less would be considered as under, and a total of 3 goals or more would be over.

Given how erratic and unpredictable football is, guessing the total number of goals is understandably tricky. At times, we’ve seen teams score goals during overtime. But some strategies would increase your chances of winning. Read on to find out what they are.

When it comes to betting on the over/under market, stats don’t lie. It’s all about picking the right teams and the right leagues.

Over 2.5 goals

There is no shortage of great leagues out there with several high scoring matches, and that makes them a goldmine for the over 2.5 goals market. The Bundesliga is excellent for this type of betting, as it is a very high scoring league, as is the Bulgarian Cup, as well as the Netherlands’ KNVB Cup.

Apart from competitions, you should also keep your eye on specific high-scoring teams. When a top-flight team like Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, or Ajax take on a newly promoted team, for example, the match would likely be incredibly one-sided, and many goals would be scored, albeit only (or mostly) by one team.

Under 2.5 goals

Just like the over 2.5 goals market, it’s all about making the right choices. There are plenty of low scoring competitions out there that would be perfect for this. Brazil’s Serie B and the Iran Pro League are good tournaments to start with. 

When it comes to teams, it is wise to pick matches where both are evenly matched in terms of skill. They should be able to balance each other out, and both sides should be able to keep the other from scoring.

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