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Author Filter : Asher Potu

Author Filter : Asher Potu
Betting Strategy

Under and Over 2.5 Goals Betting Strategy

May 29,2020 by Asher Potu

How do you bet on over and under 2.5 Total goals betting and make maximum profit from each wager?

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Betting 101

How To Become A Football Betting Expert?

August 05,2019 by Asher Potu

If you're learning to bet and want to progress from being a novice and going to an expert, you will need to up your game.

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Betting 101

Can I Make A Living On Soccer Betting?

July 10,2019 by Asher Potu

Betting on soccer as a pastime and making a living on betting or two entirely different things and require different strategies. Here's what you could do to make a living on soccer betting.

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betting tips

How Useful Are Betting Tips On Soccer Betting?

July 03,2019 by Asher Potu

Soccer Betting tips have helped several bettors make money and can help you as well. You can use betting tips to your advantage if you know what you're looking for.

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Betting Statistics

Statistical Anomalies To Be Wary Of When Soccer Betting

July 03,2019 by Asher Potu

There are plenty of factors that could affect the result of a soccer game, and all of them are of utmost importance. Variables such as lineups, injuries, expected goals, league positions and lots more.

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Football Statistics

Best Website For Football Statistics

June 18,2019 by Asher Potu

If you love to bet on soccer, you'd know how important statistics are to predicting the outcome of a game.

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English Premier League

Which Team Is More Likely To Win The EPL?

June 18,2019 by Asher Potu

The English Premier League is well underway, and so far, this season has been a rollercoaster. Fast, exciting, and overall, an amazing experience.

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Football Betting / Betting trends

Is It Profitable To Bet Out Of Europe’s Top Five leagues?

June 15,2019 by Asher Potu

While some people maintain that betting on smaller is more profitable, others believe the exact opposite. So is it profitable to bet outside the top leagues in the world?

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Outcome Bets / Parlays

The Key To Successful Parlays

June 12,2019 by Asher Potu

Parlays and a less popular betting market, because they are rather difficult to master, but once you do, your profits will be much higher than ones you get from your straightforward, more conventional bets.

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