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Which Team Is More Likely To Win The EPL?

Which Team Is More Likely To Win The EPL?

The English Premier League is well underway, and so far, this season has been a rollercoaster. Fast, exciting, and overall, a fantastic experience. It has its fair share of reasons to celebrate as well as some upsets here and there.

As one of the best competitions in European football, the league boasts of some incredibly talented clubs, but a few quickly established themselves as the frontrunners. The race to the title has never been so close.

Will Manchester City retain the title, or will Liverpool finally be able to come out on top, or will another team, like Tottenham, Arsenal or Chelsea come out from the left field and snatch the victory?

At this moment, the competition is between Manchester City and Liverpool, with City having a slight advantage most of the time. The two have been neck and neck throughout the tournament, with barely a few points so do keep up to date with the latest in news and standings.

Manchester City

As of now, most hold the opinion that Manchester City will be title winners yet again. Given the fact that they were able to collect a whole 100 points last season, an entire 19 points ahead of the rest of the competition, this is highly likely. 

They make use of the transfer window, and signed some incredibly talented players, substantially improving on an already brilliant team. 

They've been in great form since the beginning of the season, and they've pretty much stayed there the whole time. 

The squad have had a fantastic start and remained unbeaten for a surprisingly long time. However, they did show a little vulnerability, losing a few matches, before regaining momentum again. 

Fans hope that this was just a one-time occurrence, a slip up that won't happen again. All of their players have been in phenomenal form. Sergio Agüero and Raheem Sterling have had no problems finding the net, pretty much obliterating their competition every single time


Liverpool also has had a high season so far. Pep Guardiola's squad have been continuously at Manchester City's tail and went to the top of the league table when City faltered. Liverpool has lost a fewer number of matches when compared to City, but are slightly behind in points and goal difference. 

Unlike them, Liverpool has been consistent, losing fewer games than Sky Blues. If they keep this up, all they need is one more slip up on the part of Manchester City, and they've secured their place on top. Despite placing fourth on the league table last time, they made it to the finals of the Champions League, where they lost to Real Madrid. 

Mohamed Salah was the top goal scorer of the 2017/18 season, and he's in great shape this time around as well. Since the Premier League was established in 1992, Liverpool has never won a title; you can tell that they want this. Manchester City will be facing a lot of pressure, which could lead them to make mistakes, giving Liverpool just enough room to make it to the top.

Another contender for the title is Tottenham. Mauricio Pochettino has a skilled, dynamic team who are only a couple of points below the top two clubs. 

It might be a little difficult for them to catch up, but since both Liverpool and Manchester City have their sights set in the Champions League, Tottenham might have a chance. Tipsters have had their say as well. 

Having said all of this, the club that's most likely to win the Premier League is Manchester City, but they'll have to fight for it. It's been a while since a club has won two Premier League titles back to back, but if there's one team that can do this, it's them.

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