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How to win in Europe top league

Is It Profitable To Bet Out Of Europe’s Top Five leagues?

Association football is an immensely popular sport all across the world. Tournaments take place in different countries all year round, but it's an undeniable fact that the ones in Europe are a class above the rest. The continent is home to some of the best clubs and domestic leagues - The Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1. These competitions aren't just popular in their nation of origin but are widely watched, loved, and revered by people all over the world.

As a fan of the sport, you'd probably already know that betting on football is very common. You've seen the ads for online betting sites pop up during matches, and some sportsbooks even sponsor clubs. Betway, for example, sponsors the Premier League team West Ham United. While some people maintain that betting on smaller is more profitable, others believe the exact opposite.


Here's why betting on big leagues is profitable.

They're easy to predict

Even if you're remotely familiar with football, you would probably be able to predict the outcome of some matches. These leagues have a hierarchy when it comes to the quality of the participating clubs, and some leagues witness clear supremacy of specific teams. Juventus, for example, has continuously won the last 7 seasons of Serie A. The only real competition they face is from a couple of other clubs, namely Inter Milan and Napoli.

In some cases, particular teams don't stand a chance against the other. In a match between Manchester City and Huddersfield, City has a substantial probability of coming out on top.

Availability of information

If predicting the outcome of a soccer game is something you just can't seem the get the hang of, don't worry. Due to the immense popularity of these leagues, you'll be sure to find numerous individuals and services at different price points and levels of experience that provide excellent tips, odds, and predictions. There is an umpteen number of options for you to choose from, from casual Twitter tipsters to websites specially curated to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Usually, just before a match is about to take place, several websites everything you need to know on one page, from lineups and head to head statistics, to information on injured players and odds.

Knowing these details before making your decision is vital if you want to beat the bookie and make a profit.

Availability of bookmakers

If you're betting in the big leagues, you'll be spoilt for choice. Pretty much every sportsbook, from significant companies like Betfair and Ladbrokes, to more obscure ones, will have at least one major league listed.

A wide variety of betting market

The big leagues have a variety of betting options for you to choose from, from 1X2 and over/under bets to outrights and transfer. A smaller and more obscure league would likely have fewer betting markets. Fewer bookmakers list minor leagues, due to the smaller fan base.


Here's why you should stay away from the big leagues

Smaller profit

When it comes to the most significant leagues in Europe, it's a given that any good bookmakers know what they're doing and they will almost always provide sharp lines, making it more difficult to find value.  The teams that participate in these leagues are not at the same skill level, and some of the matches are blatantly one side. In such a case, you won't make a big profit due to low odds. Smaller leagues are given to more evenly matched teams with higher odds, would result in a bigger payout if you win.

Harder to find value

Anyone who has been betting for a while now will tell you that the money lies in finding value. This lies in the discretion of the bookmakers and the odds they provide. It's harder to find value when betting on the big leagues because the odds provided are usually accurate. Due to the sheer number of people betting on them, you can guarantee that the bookies have done their research to provide the best lines possible. When it comes to smaller leagues, you may have an advantage over the bookmaker. The smaller the league is, the harder it is to find information, so the bookie may not have all the details they need to provide fine lines and may make errors while setting odds. You can take advantage of this - familiarise yourself with smaller leagues, gain more knowledge than your bookie, find value, and start betting.

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