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How to win Mix Parlays

The Key To Successful Parlays

What Is A Parlay?

Also known as an accumulator or combo/combination bet, it involves making multiple selections, usually between two to eight, depending on the bookie, that is considered as one single bet. What makes it so much more complicated than a regular bet is that each of your selections will have to correct for you to win. Even if one of your bets is inaccurate, you lose your entire stake. The risk is substantially higher, but so is the payout.

To illustrate, let's say you stake a £100 on each of these straight bets, which means that you've bet a total of £300.

Manchester United to beat Huddersfield - 1.50

Arsenal to draw against Chelsea - 3.35

Wolves to beat New Castle  - 2.50.

If you win all three bets, you make a profit of £435. (50+235+150)

If you were to make a parlay bet with the same three options, the odds would be multiplied (1.50 x 3.35 x 2.50) to give you a total of 12.5.

Now, if you were to stake just £100, your total winnings would be 1250, a profit of £1150, which is £715 more than the payout you would have received with 3 separate bets.

To win this, however, all three of your predictions must be correct, or you lose your entire stake.

Look for Value

One of the best ways to guarantee a profit, and this applies to single bets too, is to look for value bets. If the odds provided by the bookie reflect a probability that in reality is less likely to occur than the actual probability of that outcome occurring, you've found a value betting situation. It's a lot simpler than it sounds.

Don't go overboard

It may be tempting to add a whole bunch of bets five, six or maybe even seven, to your accumulator list. While some bookmakers have restrictions on the number of bets you can make, others allow up to sixteen. With the way this works, the more selections you have, the higher the odd, and this would result in a huge payout. But all it takes is just one bad apple to ruin the whole lot. As the odds increase, so does the risk of losing. Stick to a few bets, maybe three or four. The key is finding balance.

Also, try to avoid high-risk bets that would involve either a big payout or a loss.

Don't be venture out of your comfort zone

If you're unfamiliar with a particular league or tournament, or even the teams, stay as far away from it as possible. Accurately predicting parlay bets is much harder than most other markets, and one small slip up can result in a crippling loss. The point is, you shouldn't add a bet on to your wager list unless you're sure, and you've done all the research and have all the statistics to back your choices up. Sure, there is plenty of information available online, but it's smarter and safer to trust your own body of knowledge, rather than rely on someone else's.

Safe markets

Since parlays involve making multiple bets, it advisable to go with safer betting markets, such as over/under or both teams to score, especially if the top teams who score often are playing. Choose a market that's easy to predict to reduce the risk involved and ensure that all your choices are correct and find a tipsters for football.

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